Check out our dispay fridge for various items for toasting:   

Focaccias $ 9.50           

BLT – on sour dough $10.50 with avocado $11.00           

Tandoori chicken wrap $ 9.50

Roasted vegetable panini $ 10.00  

The Turkish- salami, fetta, semi-dried tomatoes, onion & pesto$ 10.00

Ham/Cheese/Tomato Toastie $ 7.00  

The Mushroom with haloumi, spinach & onion jam $11.00       

And from our kitchen:

The Squishy! Bacon & egg with basil mayo on a toasted Turkish roll              $10.50          

The Turk! Bacon & egg with onion jam on a toasted Turkish roll                     $10.50         

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & onion on a warm brioche                 $10.00

Chick pea & lentil burger with salad and tzatziki, on a toasted Turkish roll        $14.00

Angus beef burger with bacon, cheese, tomato relish                                       $14.00

Chicken fajita with avocado & sour cream                                                         $12.00


Steak sandwich – scotch fillet, bacon, cheese, salad, relish on a Turkish roll     $16.00


Chicken schnitzel burger with bacon, cheese,salad, spicy mayo                       $14.00


Slow-braised lamb shoulder with tzatziki & salad on a Turkish roll              $14.00      


Sourdough Kitchen sausage roll: beef/pork & fennel/Chicken & leek                 $7.00

Today’s pie                                                                                                          $10.00 

Homemade curry puffs                                                                                       $ 3.50ea               

 Today’s soup - cup                                                                                            $ 6.00          

Lasagne with salad                                                                                            $17.00            

Chicken dim sim, steamed or fried                                                                     $ 3.50

Nuggets & chips                                                                                                 $ 8.50

Chips                                                                                                               $8.00/ $4.00


And for something different, why not try.......

A Thai curry?

Green, red or yellow with chicken, beef, prawns or tofu & steamed rice                  $23.00


A stir fry?

With cashews, Thai basil or ginger with chicken, beef, prawns or tofu & steamed rice   $23.00


Or our renowned Pad Thai, Nasi Goreng or Beef Rendang                         $24.00

                                             AVAILABLE FROM 12 TO 3,

THURSDAY TO SATURDAY               Call 52897402 to order or pop in