We use free range eggs & La Madre sour dough bread


Small changes can be made to our menu except during the busy season

Bacon and eggs on sour dough toast: 2 eggs, poached, fried or scrambled              $15.00


Medley of mushrooms w hommus, goats fetta, poached egg on sourdough           $16.00 V                                                                                                                                                                                                        With bacon       $19.00

Eggs Florentine, Benedict or Atlantic:

2 poached eggs w spinach, ham or smoked salmon & hollandaise on toast       $17.00

Pesto eggs on toast with capsicum, basil pesto, goats fetta & rocket                   $16.00

                                                             Add bacon or sausage                              $19.00                                                                                  

Potato & fenugreek fritters w smoked salmon , grilled asparagus, poached egg  & hollandaise      $18.00 V

The Big Breakfast: 2 eggs, baked beans, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroomsand hash brown       $20.00         


The vego big breakfast with our own baked beans, 2 eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado and hash brown    $18.00 V

House made vegan bagel with pumpkin, rocket, smashed avocado, & tomato relish  $13.00 V

Smashed avocado with goats fetta, poached egg & dukkah on sour dough toast     $16.00 V

Buttermilk pancakes or Belgian waffles  with rhubarb compote, maple syrup & ice-cream                   $15.00 V                  

                                                                 with maple syrup & bacon                                                     $16.00 V

                                                                  with maple syrup                                                                   $12.00   V

Croissant – with butter & jam                                        $ 5.00   V

              with ham, cheese and/or tomato                     $ 7.00  

Adelia’s cereal with fruit & yoghurt (toasted, natural or gluten free)                     $11.00 V

Truffles own sour dough fruit toast                                                                        $ 7.00 V

La Madre sour dough toast                                                                                      $ 6.50 V

Kid’s pancake or waffle: 1 buttermilk pancake or Belgian waffle

                       with maple syrup or ice-cream                                                        $ 7.00

                        or rhubarb compote & ice-cream or lemon & sugar                         $ 7.50

                       or bacon & maple syrup                                                                   $ 8.50

Eat-in or take away;                                                                                               

Toasted bacon and egg sandwich                                                                             $ 8.00

Toasted bacon sandwich                                                                                            $ 7.50

Toasted egg sandwich                                                                                              $ 7.50

Toasted bacon & egg Turkish roll with relish & cheese                                               $11.00

Truffles breakfast burger with egg, bacon & relish                                                  $14.00   

NYC bagel with bacon, fried egg and mayonnaise                                                       $10.00

Extras: avocado, baked beans, tomato, spinach, sausage, mushrooms, bacon, smoked salmon, poached egg


***gluten free bread available


Breakfast drinks:

Freshly squeezed orange juice                                                                                  $5.50

Iced coffee, iced mocha or iced chocolate                                                                 $5.50

Milkshakes: chocolate, strawberry, caramel, vanilla, spearmint, lime,            sml     $4.50

                                     banana, blue heaven                                                  reg     $6.00                                                                                                             

                                                                                             Coffea coffee

                                                                                              T2 teas

Please note:   10% surcharge on public holiday